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Breathtaking Soundtracks

Seycara Music Productions is all music, all the time.

As Seycara's oldest department established by chief composer Yuang Chen in 2009. We produce everything you can imagine from a symphonic piece for large orchestra and choir to music matching that of the latest 
J-pop featuring Hatsune Miku. Having worked with many youtube channels/game developers and since established as a high quality, reputable OST (original soundtrack) supplier, Seycara's music has had over 5.5 million views on our own channel and countless more on others. Works by chief composer Yuang Chen have been performed by numerous live professional quality orchestras such as the Kingston Symphony Orchestra and the Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra.

If you are interested in working with Seycara for your next big film, animation, or video game soundtrack, get in touch with us and send us what you have that you think is relevant to your project; we will evaluate your project and get back to you within 5 business days on potential cooperation opportunities. We also do concert piece commissions for symphony orchestras and other ensembles.

Hear our music at the:
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Check out the work we've been a part of at our projects page.


What people are saying about Seycara's work

"Very professional and the music they produced was amazingly high quality. Given the opportunity, I would love to work with them again"

DesertFox - Wargirl Games - Great Britain

This is the first time I use a paid material for my game's BGM. I'm pretty nervous at first, but Seycara is easy to discuss with and can handle some retakes I asked very well. I'm very satisfied and their music will surely give a unique touch to my game. 
Yumi Ishii - Roseverte Visual Novels - Japan


"Seycara Ocherstral's soundtracks are a variety of amazing pieces, which really reminds me of a Studio Ghibi or Disney film."

Jim Thach - MrEpicOSTs Youtube - Australia 


“The very talented Seycara Orchestral takes you on a sonic journey from home where all is comfortable and yet riddled with anticipation to epic heights where emotions and romance soars through cool, new air. But as you listen and glide through the many ups, downs, twists and turns, you grow sentimental and reminiscent that perhaps a warm, grounded place like home is where you longed to be in the end.”

David M. Tan - Film Director​ - United States


"I was worried about working with a composer long distance, but The Seycara Orchestra did a brilliant job in bringing my vision for the film to fruition. I can't wait to work with them on future projects!"

Dagmawi Abebe - Film Director - United States


"The music from Seycara is simply put, outstanding."

Jeff Ulstead - Composer - Canada

Interested in working with us? Drop us a line here.
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