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Join Us!

Thank you for interest in joining Seycara; after all, what we do here is pretty cool...

Below are some positions that we are currently recruiting for. All position 
applications require the submission of a resume and a portfolio of relevant works (a cover letter is optional but recommended). Remember, we never require formal education in any

application; what we value the most is your portfolio showing what you are capable of. However, degrees and other certifications can count towards your favour provided your portfolio is excellent.

Also, our positions here at Seycara are not full time jobs. Being a part of Seycara does not require any regular "9-5" hours and if you have no active projects with us, you don't have to do any work with us. If you do work on projects with Seycara (in house or external), you are required to put in full commitment and stick to deadlines as required. Any monetary compensation will be distributed fairly among involved members with a 20% studio fee that is used for promotion and maintenance of Seycara.


*We are currently not searching for talent*


If any of these positions interest you, please send in your application materials to We will review them as soon as possible and get back to you within a maximum time of 2 weeks. Afterwards, you may be contacted for an interview on skype and your application status will be made known to you within a month of applying.

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