Yuang Chen



Founder - Director, Chief Composer
Music Department Head


Award winning orchestral composer Yuang Chen has lead Seycara Music and Arts Productions since 2009. In his formal music education, Yuang is an associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano performance and theory; his music shows the influences of the soundtracks behind Final Fantasy as well as Studio Ghibli in Japan. Having a passion for all forms of art, Yuang is responsible for developing Seycara Music and Arts into the accessible, friendly studio company it is today. His music is featured in the Seycara Concert Hall; these include concert works for symphony orchestras, film/game/anime music, and incidental music for special events. Aside from his main endeavors in music with Seycara, Yuang is also a contributing artist and designer. 


If you have any questions or inquiries for Yuang, please go to our contact us page and drop him a line there; he will personally reply to you as soon as possible.

Felix Wong





Felix Wong is a Canadian composer with an affinity for a myriad of styles including orchestral, rock, and jazz. As an accomplished pianist and bass trombonist, Felix will be starting his first year as a composer with Seycara; he has already completed a film score for the independent film "The Good Life" directed by Dagmawi Abebe.

Ismael Romero Eixau "Ripurei"



Chief Artist, Visual Arts Department Head


Since Ripurei got his first graphic tablet, he has put all of his soul into every single original illustration to share his ideas. Improving on his illustration skills every day, art runs through Ripurei’s veins. Putting in effort to become a excellent illustrator, He is always working towards his dream; web design and character creations are his strong points, simplicity and originality are his signature. With extensive knowledge in digital art, Ripurei has obtained considerable proficiency to utilize many different software programs to render his work in a plethora of mediums.

As Seycara’s chief artist, Ripurei is looking forward to bringing the visual aspect of Seycara’s projects to life in a refreshing and exciting way. Many of his creations will be showcased in our digital gallery. To view some of his work now, check out his DeviantArt page!




The heart of Seycara.


The one thing we know is that art comes in all shapes and forms. It should come as no surprise then that there are many different kinds of strange, wacky, but ultimately dedicated people running Seycara Music and Arts. Seycara doesn't run for making money: In fact most of our collaborations are free of charge and is done purely out of support for the independent arts community and of course, creative expression. The following are the people that make Seycara's projects tick.

Edward Ye



Game Designer/Programmer


Since a young age, Edward has been fascinated by electronics, mathematics, and has been an avid gamer. Having been largely self taught in many aspects of computer coding and programming, he is currently the talented head of Seycara's digital arts department and has completed projects such as JMaster9000 and Cavern RSimulator. He is working on the programming behind Seycara's up and coming commission game rblocks.

In his spare time, he is an avid jazz trumpeter and plays fast strokes in croquet. Edward is currently a student at Carleton University in the faculty of computer science.

Takumi Nishimura





Raised in Japan and now in Canada, Takumi is very familiar and able with the rich traditions of Japanese music in many genres. Having started playing violin at age 4, Takumi is currently Seycara's music producer that focuses on post-recording production and mastering; most of the tracks heard in the Seycara Concert Hall are produced by him.

When not making music sound nice for Seycara, Takumi is a fierce Go player and has won many tournaments for the sport in Canada, Japan, and China. He is also an avid gamer and reader of classic novels.